About us

We focus on GMP principles

We’ve seen how worried customers can get in just understanding GMP, let alone passing it. If you’re in a similar situation, we understand and are right there with you.

That’s why for almost 30 years GMProject has been helping companies not only pass, but set the standard for GMP (good manufacturing practice). 

Are you looking for a partner for GMP?

We also cooperate with state authorities. This is a mutual cooperation, where they inform us of changes in legislation, and we keep them up to date on current trends happening within the pharmaceutical production industry. This gives us integral knowledge, handson experience, and awareness of what is happening in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Apart from pharma companies, we also work with biotechnology, chemical, medical devices industry, cosmetics and food supplements.

If we’re so good, why aren’t we a large company?

We’re just the right size. Small enough to keep passing the know-how on to new members of our team without sacrificing on quality. By having such a tight working team we are able to keep at the forefront of the industry. This gives us another advantage. We are flexible and ready to adapt to unknown situations should they occur.

It has a few downsides though.
We can only work with customers who are serious about GMP.

Is that you?

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